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CIC believes diversity of faith, makes the world a better place.

Commune in Color focuses on advancing world peace & wellness through shame-free exploration of spiritual belief, ideology, and practice. Our mission is to resource and support individuals and communities, particularly of color and/or Q+ identity in normalizing and affirming a diversity of belief systems. We are doubters and believers, dogma rejectionists, and religious trauma healers.

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We believe that encouraging a diversity of spiritual practice, faith, and exploration is essential to one's personal healing and understanding and accepting others.

We believe that the concept of divinity supersedes ideologies of one way to heaven and one right way to live and includes varied human cultures, histories, and vantage points on the idea of God.

We value radical humanism and believe that differences within our faiths exist for our collective survival. We stand in opposition to the oppression and marginalization of people in the name of God(s). We advocate for open and inclusive monotheistic, polytheistic, etc, values as a tool for world peace.

Our core values:

  • Limitless Curiosity

  • Internalized Divinity

  • Spiritual Practice (Personal and Communal)

  • Diversity of Faith

"I've learned that God enters the heart of humans through a private door. I wish that everyone will find and unlock their door."

- Riana Roston CiC Founder


Limitless Curiosity

  • Asking questions is a part of any healthy relationship with God/Power

  • Allowing space for doubt and extended grace for the normalcy of doubt in the belief


Internalized Divinity

  • One innate ability to connect with power within and outside of themselves.

  • The authority one gives themselves to define God, Faith, and beliefs.


Spiritual Practice

  • The rituals, routines, and morals communities practice for their shared well-being, and strength, and in support of their spirits


Diversity of Faith

  • God or Godlikeness comes in vast forms

  • There is no wrong faith in connecting with God

  • Fatih can evolve and change, and this is ok


Our Faith Change and Transition mentorship offering was made for those seeking personalized guidance and direction on their spiritual rediscovery and wellness journey.

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